What Makes or Breaks a Grants Pass Motel Stay?

Problems with a hotel can quickly ruin your vacation. Numerous factors affect a successful Grants Pass hotel stay.  It is often the smallest issues that can make or break your experience. Whether you are in Medford, Los Angeles or New York, hotels form part of the most critical elements of happy holiday time.

What are some aspects that can make a hotel stay excellent or awful? Follow along to find out what some of these are.


One of the most crucial elements of a successful hotel stay is how clean they are, particularly the guest rooms.

You do not want to walk into the motel area to find the floors are grimy. The last thing you need is to detect a smelly lobby and dusty furniture. No doubt, it will set the tone for the rest of your holiday.

Can you just imagine what your family would say if they go past the lobby just to find the carpets are threadbare and stained while the paint on the walling is busy peeling off? However, the most significant no-go factor with regards to cleanliness becomes a realization once you enter your hotel room. Needless to say, it must be bright, airy and spotless to guarantee a great stay.

Second to this is the kind treatment one would expect from hotel staff. Greeting you with a smile needs to come naturally for them. Nothing beats a sincere hello, which makes a huge difference as opposed to meeting up with hotel management who hardly looks in your direction.

Hoteliers such as the ones at the Redwood Motel know how to treat visitors as honored guests. Everyone who frequents this getaway spot knows they can look forward to an all-around luxury experience. The hoteliers are super attentive and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure an enjoyable stay.

What About Amenities?

One thing that makes a stay over at a local hotels Grants Pass a sterling experience is the amenities. For instance:

  • Free internet
  • Breakfast included
  • Fitness room and pool
  • And much more.

Then there is the delightful decor. Every inns would offer the same old linen or self-assembled wardrobe, not to mention the tacky bedside lamps.

When you visit classy lodgings, you will notice that everything is different, including the decor. The thing is that your surroundings play a huge part in your mood, which is why luxury accommodation facilities put this aspect to good use. They ensure the interior design resembles a professional touch. No doubt, it must be as pleasing to the owner of the establishment as it needs to be to his or her visitors. Only then do you have yourself a winning recipe?

Superb Eating Experience

A lodging with an on-site chef that prepares delicious and fresh meals will ensure everyone has a splendid time.

Sleeping Arrangement

Spending your nights in certain comfort is something that patrons cannot wait to experience after a long trip. It gets even better if your apartment overlooks beautiful scenery.

This is the kind of thing that motels like the Redwood Hyperion Suites offer. You can be sure to experience resort-like accommodation, coupled with gourmet cuisine. Guests can make their selection from a range of comfy bedroom apartments that are equipped with sufficient luxury beds.

A vacation that is Perfect for Families of All Kinds

Whether it be father, daughter, son, grandparents, or children, the Redwood Motel is the ideal venue for when you want to celebrate your particular birthday party or any other milestone.

Corporate Groups Find Hotels Rewarding

One of the more prominent places of accommodation happens to be a huge favorite among smaller corporate companies who make a point of visiting the Redwood Hyperion Suites every year as a way of thanking their sales reps for hard work delivered. Conference rooms would comfortably accommodate a smaller group and extend a warm welcome to business owners from all parts of America or elsewhere.

Take it from somebody who was afforded the experience to stay over in the not so distant past. They appreciated the efforts shown by the staff to ensure their employees experienced a fantastic time in December last year. These are the kind of things that make history.