What Would Be the Ideal Length of Your River Rafting Trip?

It’s been reported that the most popular Rogue┬áriver rafting trips are either 3 or 5 days long. But, when you ask someone who has made a trip on any of the famous rivers, they would tell you that even 5 days is not long enough.

If you are a newcomer or even if you are an experienced whitewater adventurer, you may be keen to learn more about the different rafting trip lengths and what each one entail.

Half Day Trips on the Rogue River

What captivates most outdoor enthusiasts interest is the opportunity to go ahead and choose their river craft and getting themselves ready for a half day excursion where they can splash, hoot and holler at their heart’s content while engaging with the incredible rapids of the great Salmon River. Partly, because of a particular section that is called the Riggins of Idaho offer exciting whitewater sections where many can look forward to multi-day trips. However, the half-day river that flows out of town sparks way more interest from many a business person.

Whether it is still during the early part of the season, which falls between May and June, or July and August, this area brims with whitewater activity, which proves to be a fantastic challenge for both thrill seekers and families stopping by.

Most float excursions provide a variety of river crafts one can use to satisfy the need for an adventure of individuals or groups.

To put it plainly, the famous Salmon River offers the ideal rafting trip for those of you who do not have enough time to tackle a full day trip. You may just around the corner by staying over in the scenic McCall area, in which case the Salmon would be the perfect way to end your holiday before heading back home.

You are invited to enjoy the perfect temperature and join reputed outfitters such as Orange Torpedo Trips for a half-day packed with whitewater thrills and swimming activities. The variety of boat options made available will ensure it turns out to be the perfect trip for a family with kids or even adventurers who are looking for a challenge like no other onboard inflatable kayaks. You can participate in morning or afternoon trips to experience a quick river escape.

What About One Day Trips?

One of the rare sections of the Salmon River you can float in a day would be the Riggins in Idaho. It is also classed as the most exciting section of the Salmon River.

On such floating opportunities, you will be spoilt with choice as you can choose between a variety of crafts to allow for a one of a kind river adventure that will fulfill the desire of anyone who accompanies you on your travels down the river.

Teens who are out to seek a different kind of excitement will not be disappointed in that skilled rafting outfitters provide custom designed inflatable kayaks for this purpose.

What is more, you will have access to an experienced river guide who accompanies everyone on a kayak to demonstrate the various skills required to navigate the massive waves and unexpected holes of this part of the river.

The traditional paddle raft is ideal for satisfying the needs of a group excursion. Whether it be for families or a group outing, the team at Orange Torpedo Trips will work along with you so everyone may experience a variety of traps and timezones on the Salmon River.

One day trips are perfect for individuals or groups who cannot afford the luxury of attempting a 3 to 6-day rafting trip. You do not have to worry about being left hungry as one-day excursions make provision for lunch.

Multi-day Rafting Trips of 3 to 6 Days

Considered to be the meat of any rafting adventure would be multi-day trips. No doubt, you will be in awe of the amazing countryside, grassy slopes, and rugged walls of the canyons passing you by. Rockslides and boulders that rolled into the river ensured you can look forward to some of the biggest rapids along the Snake River. There is even a scenic path you’ll encounter where you can set eyes on elk, deer, bighorn sheep, and mountain goats. In the skies, you will notice a circling hawk or eagle that proves to be very entertaining. All this makes your river voyages, regardless of how long it is, an adventure you will never forget.