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The Lavender Route in Provence
The Lavender Route in Provence

Why not take the Lavender Route in Provence and visit a Lavender Farm?

by Susan Keefe.


Being a great fan of lavender, I can’t think of anything nicer than this! I love lavender and regularly put the essential oil on my pillowcase to help me sleep (away from my face.)

The healing powers of lavender are many, from soothing headaches, and helping heal burns, to deterring insects and also repelling them. Dried lavender is said to be very useful to deter moths if you hang it amongst your clothes and a lot nicer than moth balls! As well as being a lovely scent the essential oil was used in hospitals as a disinfectant in the First World War, and is a popular scent in many household cleaners and fresheners.

The following website provides a map showing routes for lavender lovers to maximise their enjoyment of this wonderful herb, and there are also the names of various lavender farms and distilleries which you can visit, and buy produce and gifts from.

It also gives the address of the Musée de la Lavande at Coustellet 84220. http://www.theluberon.com/activities/lavender-provence

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