English Informer in France

English Informer in France




Another one of our weekend explorations. This time it took us off to Paimpol. 

It is located in a bay in the Cotes d'Armor and is one we recommend. Mind, to be honest, we have not found many places in Brittany that we would not recommend. Either luck is on our side or the region really is brimming with lovely places of interest. It is the beginning of August here now and since early July we have noticed the influx of tourists have swelled - mainly Brits and from the Netherlands.

The town apparently developed in the 15th century to the 19th century around cod fishing. The fishermen used to go to Iceland in February for about 8 months of the year!

Paimpol has every thing you would hope to find as a tourist - heritage, sea, boats, even an old-fashioned carousel on the pier. Lots of choices for venues to eat and drink, suiting all budgets. Plus again, as has been the way in most of the places in Brittany, the flower displays and hanging baskets are fabulous.

We walked the majority of the old town and the two harbours, but it was over 30° so did not get it all done. The harbours are full to bursting with private boats these days and perhaps the odd fishing boat too. There is a way of crossing between the two of them, which did make the walk easier. The old town had some lovely stone houses dating around 17th century. Plus half timbered houses and cobbled streets.

Just to say there is a tourist board there, and with easy disabled access but it was so full when we went I gave up queuing.

One of the things we did wonder at were dogs in 'pushchairs'. Uncertain if it was because of the cobbles or what, but there were several we came across either in a pushchair with mesh or proper dog carriages. Never having seen them, and so many on one trip, we were rather tickled to say the least. As for our Barney - no he is using his feet - all four of them.


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