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Le Jardin d Eden

Le Jardin d’Eden at Tournon-sur-Rhône

by Susan Keefe.


Le Jardin d’Eden is the former park of a monastery of the Order of Cordeliers, and the Notre Dame convent and can be found at 8 Rue Lachanal, 07300, Tournon-sur-Rhone, 07300.

As one would expect this is a magical garden with its ponds, and variety of trees. It is a haven of coolness, tranquillity and greenery in the heart of the city of Tournon.

It has a renaissance tower, and still keeps the charm of former days, the gardens of one hectare are surrounded by the old ramparts which once protected this ancient city. The route through the gardens is enamelled with fountains and basins, some of which date back to the renaissance period and there is a spectacular panoramic view point offering a wonderful view of the Rhone and also the twin towns of Tournon and Tain l’Hermitage.

It has a famous vineyard, remarkable because of its terraced cultivation. This is a truly wonderful garden with breathtakingly beautiful, and because of its dominant position and exceptional views, this is a must see garden if you are in the area.

I just couldn’t resist adding this page to the article which provides some lovely photographs https://www.edenparc.eu/en/photos-videos-2/

For more information, opening times etc. here is their website https://www.edenparc.eu/en/schedule-rates/

For those who like to see videos here is a YouTube for you.


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