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La Pitie Salpetriere hospital

La Pitié Salpêtrière hospital

by Angela

La Pitié Salpêtrière hospital in the 13th District of Paris, is, in fact two hospitals,  built on the grounds of a former gunpowder factory.

La Pitié was built to heal and house the poor of Paris in 1612 and La Salpetrière was built next door in 1656 during the reign of Louis XIV.  The two hospitals fused together in 1964 and it is now a teaching hospital with 8 schools on the campus, over 90 buildings on about 30 acres.

There are 1.500 medical staff and about 7.000 non medical personnel.

Famous doctors who worked here are:  Doctor Jean-Martin Charcot and Sigmund Freud

Two celebrities died here:  Josephine Baker in 1975 and Diana, Princess of Wales in 1997

There are shops, cafeterias, and a wonderful Chapel to be found here.

Chapelle St Louis with glorious Heather in the foreground

Well kept lawns and gardens with sculptures

Right in the centre of the hospital grounds...path leading from one entrance to another

Map of the different departments

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