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George Delaselle Garden

Georges Delaselle Garden on the Île de Batz

by Susan Keefe.


The George Delaselle Garden is located in the north of Finistere on the island of Batz, in the English Channel.

This exotic botanical garden contains a wonderfully unique collection of plants from five continents.

In 1897, Parisian insurer Georges Delaselle, who loved exotic plants fell in love with the island of Batz in the Engish Channel. From 1897 until 1918 he directed the work on the garden which included the formation of artificial dunes to protect the gardens from the wind. He also dug a rounded ditch five metres wide and had the sides cut into terraces, it was during this time he discovered a bronze-age burial site. He also directed the planting, then in 1918 he moved permanently to the site and dedicated himself to the gardens development.

Georges Delaselle died aged 83, in 1944, and the garden was sold several times and became neglected and abandoned. However, in 1987 a voluntary team from The Friends of the Garden George Delaselle set about reviving the gardens, which are a wonderful monument to the original ideals of their creator, now they are once again a stunning place to visit.

The gardens are open between 1st April and 5th November this year, information on times can be found here -


A regular service to the island operates from Roscoff and details can be found here -


Here is the link to watch the YOuTube video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggrN4G503pQ&feature=youtu.be



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