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Chateau et Jardins de Villandry

Château et Jardins de Villandry

Some lovely Renaissance architecture and gardens. There are 6 Gardens: the kitchen garden, the ornamental garden, the water garden, the herb garden, the labyrinth and the sun garden. You will find an 18th century interior and some lovely Spanish paintings.

It was the last of the great Renaissance chateaux to be built on the banks of the Loire.

Address - Château et Jardins de Villandry, 37510 VILLANDRY

Owner : La famille Carvallo - Villandry has been in the Carvallo family since 1906. It was Joachim Carvallo, a Spaniard, and his American wife, Ann Coleman, who created the gardens around 1910.

Website http://www.chateauvillandry.fr/en/

Tel. : +33 2 47 50 02 09

Fax : +33 2 47 50 12 85



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