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Recent Articles on English Informer in France it is Friday 20th October 2017
Toby meets Tom and Tilly...
Toby meets Tom and Tilly
  Toby meets Tom and Tilly - socialising your puppy.   This weekend was very social one for Toby, he met up with his his canine...  ...read more
Ballet Dancers by Grace...
Ballet Dancers by Grace McKee
  Ballet Dancers by Grace McKee. These are both small oil paintings. More details of this and other paintings may be obtained...  ...read more
Answers to Nursery...
Answers to Nursery Rhymes & Fairy Stories Quiz
Answers to Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Stories Quiz.   1 - In The Animals Went In Two By Two, which two pairs went in first? A...  ...read more
Caring for our garden...
Caring for our garden friend the Hedgehog
  Caring for our garden friend the Hedgehog.   The hedgehog is invaluable to gardeners as they eat the slugs and snails which ruin...  ...read more
Life in Camembert Street...
Life in Camembert Street number 101
  Life in Camembert Street number one hundred and one.   Fundraising and sunshine Well, a very interesting week! I waved off mon-ex...  ...read more
Le Jardin d Eden...
Le Jardin d Eden
  Le Jardin d’Eden at Tournon-sur-Rhône by Susan Keefe.   Le Jardin d’Eden is the former park of a...  ...read more
George Delaselle Garden...
George Delaselle Garden
  Georges Delaselle Garden on the Île de Batz by Susan Keefe.   The George Delaselle Garden is located in the north of...  ...read more
Plant Show at Saint...
Plant Show at Saint Launeuc
  Plant Show at Saint Launeuc 12th and 13th August 2017. This was the first plant show that the organisers had run at this...  ...read more
Counselling in France...
Counselling in France English Speaking Helplines
  Counselling in France English Speaking Helplines   Suicide Ecoute - 0033 145 39 4000 (see page ) Help For...  ...read more
Some summer things to do...
Some summer things to do in Brittany
  Some summer things to do in Brittany.   Perhaps you live in France or intend to visit for the summer of 2017. Here are a...  ...read more

Blevins Franks...
Blevins Franks

Leading international tax and wealth management advisers to British nationals living in Europe...  ...read more
Cafe de la Gare...
Cafe de la Gare

A local community café / bar....  ...read more
Le Jardin Perdu...
Le Jardin Perdu

Natural, artisan gifts handmade in France...  ...read more
BH Assurances...
BH Assurances

Insurance for you and your family...  ...read more
Allez-Français SARL...
Allez-Français SARL

French property sales...  ...read more

Recent Blogs
Beautiful quality villa...
Beautiful quality villa for sale

Real Estate Languedoc is offering for sale a beautiful quality villa with 172 m² living space. It is set on 1574 m² of land...  ...read more
Detached 3 bed Brittany...
Detached 3 bed Brittany house for sale

Bel Air Homes are offering a detached 3 bedroom house at 56160 Lignol, in Brittany for...  ...read more
Beautifully presented 4...
Beautifully presented 4 bed 4 bath house for sale

Nice Bourgeois home for...
Nice Bourgeois home for sale

Real Estate Languedoc is offering for sale a Bourgeois home converted into a chambres d'hôtes for sale. It comes with 175...  ...read more
Traditional stone...
Traditional stone farmhouse for sale

Private Property Sellers Ltd are offering a traditional stone farmhouse for sale - fully renovated and ready to move...  ...read more


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