English Informer in France

English Informer in France

La Franglaise

As a business, being visible on the internet is not just about having a website and a Facebook page.
LaFranglaiseWeb specialises in getting YOU noticed all across the web!

Annette Morris, owner of LaFranglaiseWeb, has a proven track record in helping businesses build and

improve their online presence.  
Annette can provide great new concepts for your brand and logo design, give technical assistance or

support to improve your website performance, and deliver social media marketing that really makes an

impact where it matters.
To find out how you can improve how your business is seen online, or for help with online marketing,

website development, Wordpress, understanding Google - why not contact LaFranglaiseWeb for a free

no-obligation chat?

Find LaFranglaiseWeb on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/LaFranglaiseInternet/?fref=ts

La Franglaise
36 Avenue du Château
Tel:07 86 14 16 39
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"I am so pleased Annette was recommended to us. She has been patient, full of ideas, completed a whole host of tweeks and changes which must be frustrating and the final result is amazing, we have already seen an increase of bookings and the site has only been live a couple of weeks. A fabulous and professional service that made what I thought was going to be a nightmare, an easy job! Thank you Annette"
Sally Metcalfe-Mullins 

"I wish I had called Annette sooner rather than wasting weeks trying to build my own website, and even having to turn away clients. She started from scratch and within days she managed to produce exactly what I had envisaged - together with some excellent ideas of her own. Anytime I had a question she sent me step by step video instructions so now I feel confident I can add and make changes myself. I will certainly be contacting her again for marketing advice."
Caroline Manson

"Thank you so much for setting up a test account so I could learn about WordPress and even more helpful - explaining it to me in plain English on how it all works.
I can highly recommend you to anyone who has any problems or questions about setting up websites."
Chris Bicker

"Annette has now helped me to set up two online shopping carts integrated with the banks payment gateways. Having done this in England in English and found the process overwhelming, I knew I needed professional help to do this in France and in French. 

Annette has integrated the website www.mafactive.com with both credit Agricole and CIC, so she is highly recommended if you want to move up a step and avoid those high Paypal charges. 

In addition she is very knowledgeable about Wordpress so she now regularly runs the security and update processes. I feel that this is definitely worth paying an expert to do, Annette has been a good choice for my business "
Lesley Hutchings

"I call Annette my Christmas Fairy!! At the end of last year I needed to launch my new business and asked her to help me with my website and to help me develop and reflect the image I wanted to create for my brand. She was able to totally immerse herself to give me the very best personalised advice, essentially going above and beyond the brief in both her time and effort. She was patient, creative and clear at all times. She understood me as a client and saw value in giving me what I needed and not what I wanted! 
Working with Annette is productive, easy and fun! 
I call her my Christmas Fairy because she really did work so hard behind the scenes to create my vision for me, I could not have asked for more!. "
Stacey Kille

"Smart successful entrepreneurs hire experts. 
Annette is one of those experts. 
She knows stuff you don't know about online marketing your business that is pivotal in achieving what you want. 
I went to Annette saying that I needed a new website and social media to go with it. So in effect I gave her my solutions. Brilliantly she asked me to clarify to her where I wanted my business to go, and so she worked from a place of achieving that the best way possible using my online presence. We set up my website and social media, but most importantly Annette came up with a whole bunch of solutions I didn't know could have existed. I went from hoping my business would turn in a certain direction, (that I would be noticed by the new customers I wanted to be noticed by), to simply knowing that I would be, and knowing exactly what I had to do to get there. Annette cares about me achieving my business goals and keeps popping up with new ideas and questioning old beliefs. She feels like part of 'my team"
Frances Gard

"Annette did a great job designing a new logo and building my new website. I have received many positive comments about the new design and I'm very happy with the result. She came up with lots of helpful suggestions and advice, and was always happy to explain anything I was unsure about. I can thoroughly recommend La Franglaise for web design and internet marketing. "
Liz Brown

Web / SEO
"Annette hasn't only created a great website for both my businesses but she also came up with new ideas for my businesses - even changing their names! I feel she has a genuine enthusiasm and desire for my business to be successful. She also has experience that is hard to find in many website designers, some of whom set up business after learning the basics. Annette is a true expert in her field and I am pleased to have found her!  Joanna U.  - Video producer

"Annette performed a very useful review of my 2 e-commerce sites providing me with good, concise and practical advice on improvements I can make, both technical and relating to social media marketing.
I'll look forward to implementing these changes to my sites and would not hesitate to use Annette again for further work and advice - Marcus D - Online shop owner

"We engaged Annette to help us optimize our website and add new features to it. Not only did she do this proficiently, but she also gave us lot of advice and insights along the way. We felt she had a good understanding of our business and what we needed. We would definitely recommend Annette and will be using her services again in the future.  Richard P. - Immobilier

"Annette did a splendid job for my site.  
I look at the site quite often and my reaction is always the same: "Wow! This is really good, really enticing! Just what I wanted."  It is an intricate structure with many layers but it is also bold and clear - and the colours are terrific. 
I had a few extra ideas about how the site might look as she was putting it together. She was always helpful and clear in her responses, and prompt in carrying out the changes. 
In short, she is skilled, imaginative and efficient. I was lucky to find her.  Andrew R - author

"We wanted to create a web site for our holiday home and engaged the professional services of La Franglaise. We found Annette to be most accommodating to our ideas and requests. She proved to be a good listener, patient,creative, highly skilled in her field, value for money and most importantly able to deliver an excellent professional project on time. The result is we got what we had envisioned and more. Thanks Annette for your care and attention.  Paddy M - Villa owner

"Annette has delivered my expectations. From concept to reality she has always been a source of sound information and great advice as well as having the technical skills her role requires. She often does that little bit extra which can make all the difference.  John W. - Golf Holiday Organiser

Marketing & Social Media
"Smart successful entrepreneurs hire experts.  Annette is one of those experts.
She knows stuff you don't know about online marketing your business that is pivotal in achieving what you want. I went to Annette saying that I needed a new website and social media to go with it. So in effect I gave her my solutions. Brilliantly she asked me to clarify to her where I wanted my business to go, and so she worked from a place of achieving that the best way possible. Annette cares about me achieving my business goals and keeps popping up with new ideas and questioning old beliefs. She feels like part of 'my team'. Frances G - Photographer

"Although I was happy with the creation of my website, in all honesty I was not able do the site justice & capitalise on its creation. 
I heard about Annette, then saw her successes,so I thought that it would be good to ask for her help. 
Since doing so, I have been brought into the 21st century ! 
I have been amazed with the communications she has created & the energy that seems to be flowing through my site.  We haven't yet finished, but already I'm getting positive feed back. 
All I can say is that she is easy to work with & easy to understand. I am SO pleased to have had the opportunity to able to use her enthusiasm and diligence which, I know, will benefit.  Maggie P.  Entrepreneur

Annette has worked as a Marketing Consultant for me for nearly a year now and has delivered great results during that time. She has a very detailed knowledge of the online and social media worlds and has given consistently good advice and works all hours to deliver the results - often working unsocial hours just so that she can be in touch with the needs of my business at all times. I really don't know what I would do without her. Thanks so much Annette.  Julia B - Chateau rental owner
"Annette has a professional approach to her work and has a great deal of experience and expertise in her field of digital / on-line marketing. We benefited greatly from Annettes' attention to detail and her methodical work style. We regarded her as an extension of our own team and she was always willing to support our needs and objectives.  Anthony L - Director

"Through her online marketing work for me and my colleagues, Annette has become a highly regarded e-marketing guru within the meetings and events industry. She is a true leader in her field which has brought our business considerable success in our chosen markets. I would strongly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their SEO and social media presence.  Nick A - Conference Sales Manager

"I have been delighted with the web design service I received. Annette is not only a great technician she elevates her service by offering marketing advice and networking advice. There's no point having a fabulous website if you don't really know how it should be used and how to get it out 'there'.  Nicola B - Artist
"We cannot recommend LaFranglaise highly enough to anyone needing on-line exposure.
Our experience was a truly enlightening and refreshing success.  They did a beautiful job, managed to make sure we always received lots of search hits and came out on top in Google searches. We noticed, almost immediately, that people were congratulating us on our website and that a lot of new customers were coming into the shop.  Judi F - Shop owner


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