English Informer in France

New Offices for Renestance

While most of the country has closed up shop for the month, Renestance has been taking advantage of the relative calm to make progress on some important milestones.

The most exciting one is the revamped website with online shop, due to launch in early September. You'll soon be able to buy detailed ebooks on key subjects related to life in France, such as the healthcare system, driving and vehicles, purchasing and renting property, and more. The first bundle available will be our ebooks related to healthcare in France.

We are also preparing for the Live & Invest in France conference, where Renestance has been invited to present on 23-25 October, in Paris. Jen and I are proposing an insider's tour of hot real estate areas and real Parisian life to conference attendees.

For North Americans interested in the Languedoc or already living here, Renestance will host a one-day seminar on Friday, 27 October in Montpellier. With our partners, we'll present information on critical topics for non-EU nationals, like immigration/residency, wealth and pension management, property in Languedoc (renting, purchasing and renovating), taxes, learning French, and volunteering/social life. We will also offer insider's tours of key towns and daily life in the area on the following Saturday and Sunday 28-29 October.

If you would like any more information about the conference in Paris, the seminar in Montpellier, or the insider's tours, please send an email to contact@renestance.com. We'd be happy to provide some advice around travel logistics, as well.

Our offices are moving, so the new mailing address is: 18 rue des Flamants Roses, 34970 Lattes, FRANCE. The phone number remains +33 (0)4 11 93 25 99.

Renestance - http://www.englishinformerinfrance.com/business/Renestance