Search Engine Optimization Experts Monitor Google Updates Regularly to Ensure Solid Page Rank

Running your daily operations as a small to medium business owner is a time-consuming exercise. Where will you still find time to check regularly for the latest Google algorithm changes? Stay on top of search engine algorithm updates by allowing Portland SEO consultants in Colorado to keep track of the latest Google updates.

Moving Mountains Advisors have state of the art SEO technology in place to check all the latest updates. Most search engine optimization professionals find that their clients neglected important aspects that led to a drop in visitors to their site. Too often Google gets blamed for a drop in traffic due to running one or the other update. It is more a case of the site owner neglecting their good blogging practice, or they were guilty of a migration mistake.

Rather than fear any Google updates, web owners should welcome them. Especially if it so happens that you have partnered with a reputable SEO firm in Denver, Colorado. Doing so will ensure you keep abreast of any algorithm changes while it will enable you to maintain a strong position with regards to page rank on the search engines.

Online marketing professionals like Moving Mountains Advisors are often asked if Google only run updates now and again. The answer is no – Google regularly run algorithm changes to the tune of 500 to 600 times per year according to Moz’s Algorithm Change Report for the year 2015. How do SEM companies in Colorado and elsewhere manage to be so in tune with Google’s algorithmic changes? Simple, they make use of the latest tools that is specially designed to keep one posted of any major algorithmic updates.

Panguin happens to be one of these. Even though this tool does not get the recognition it deserves, it works pretty well in that it makes use of an OAuth token that connects to your Google Analytics data where it will pick up any algorithmic changes. We firmly believe that SEO experts would be able to establish how badly your site has been affected by recent changes through the use of this tool. Not only will they be able to discern what changes came into effect, but they will perform the necessary tweaks to get your site running in top gear once again.

You may recall an old friend that got updated just over three years ago. We are talking about Google Trends. Very recently, Google Trends received its first update. The good news is that web owners can depend on real-time results in term of establishing what the overall search interest is nowadays. Search engine marketing professionals are now able to monitor changes in the search engines and seize the opportunity to outshine the competition. Now is the perfect time for web owners to be proactive and allow Google Trends results to work in their favor.

Seize the Opportunity to Work alongside SEM Specialists in Denver

There is no time like the present to ensure your site is up to scratch and ready to handle any pending Google updates. Why not let search engine optimization experts in Portland monitor your blog or site regularly for any Google Algorithmic changes. So your site’s search results do not get impacted by Algo updates such as keyword rankings, organic traffic and search engine visibility factors.

The future of your business is in your hands. You need to utilize the expertise of seasoned SEO professionals who knows what to look for and how to build an effective SEO strategy to ensure your site can stand strong against any Google penalties.

Online marketing experts would launch a special rank tracking tool to allow them to spot any decline in traffic coming from Google. It is particularly useful for an older site that already has a ranking history in place as you get to see how your keyword rankings fluctuate over time.

What to do if you’ve experienced a Major Drop in Traffic?

Search engine optimization experts will perform the necessary checks to determine which particular update affected your ranking position and which penalty recovery strategy to use to counteract the problem.

One piece of advice over here. If it was due to a Penguin update that you experienced a traffic decline, then you need to scrutinize your backlink profile to identify any spammy links on your site or blog. There are a couple of powerful SEO tools that will help you spot the most dangerous backlinks.

In the event that a Panda update hit you, you’ll need to check your content and revise it by making short content longer and eliminating duplicate content. All this requires time, which is why you should enlist the services of reputed SEO firms in Colorado.

It is reassuring to know that SEM professionals like Moving Mountains Advisors have a special place in their hearts and mind for their clients. They use the same tried and tested search engine optimization skills that they have employed to successful business around SEO Portland, Colorado area to assist businesses across various niches and categories.

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