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Recent Articles on English Informer in France it is Sunday 18th February 2018
The jury is out on...
The jury is out on jackfruit
  The jury's out on jackfruit Jackfruit seems to all the rage as a meat substitute in vegetarian and vegan meals at the moment....  ...read more
What TV will I be...
What TV will I be watching 17th to 23rd Feb
  What TV will I be watching 17th to 23rd February? Call the Midwife is proving to be a household favourite. Plus of course one of...  ...read more
Learning from the...
Learning from the Masters by Grace McKee
  Learning from the Masters by Grace McKee. The best way to learn! Obviously it cannot be sold as original work but there is so...  ...read more
A winter walk in the sun...
A winter walk in the sun by Angela Cartner
A winter walk in the sun by Angela Cartner.  Created in pastels. Talking with artist Angela Cartner...  ...read more
Forgive Me Nadia by...
Forgive Me Nadia by Veronika Gasparyan
  Forgive Me, Nadia by Veronika Gasparyan A heart-rending look into the sex-trafficking industry. Forgive Me, Nadia is an...  ...read more
The Lavender Route in...
The Lavender Route in Provence
  Why not take the Lavender Route in Provence and visit a Lavender Farm? by Susan Keefe.   Being a great fan of lavender, I...  ...read more
The gardens of...
The gardens of Marqueyssac
  The overhanging gardens of Marqueyssac in the Dordogne by Susan Keefe.   These spectacular gardens are situated close to...  ...read more
Jardins des Renaudies in...
Jardins des Renaudies in Mayenne
  Les Jardins des Renaudies in Mayenne by Susan Keefe.   This week we are travelling to North West France and the department...  ...read more
George Delaselle Garden...
George Delaselle Garden
  Georges Delaselle Garden on the Île de Batz by Susan Keefe.   The George Delaselle Garden is located in the north of...  ...read more
Plant Show at Saint...
Plant Show at Saint Launeuc
  Plant Show at Saint Launeuc 12th and 13th August 2017. This was the first plant show that the organisers had run at this...  ...read more

Dielle Ciesco...
Dielle Ciesco

Teaching workshops, writes, sings, makes art, & works one on one with clients...  ...read more
BH Assurances...
BH Assurances

Insurance for you and your family...  ...read more
Something Cosy...
Something Cosy

Offering a colourful range of bespoke, handknitted tea cosies. ...  ...read more
Wright French Properties...
Wright French Properties

Selling properties in SW France...  ...read more
Murder by Arrangement...
Murder by Arrangement

A murder mystery company; performance art ...  ...read more

Recent Blogs
Detached old farm house...
Detached old farm house for sale

Wright French Properties are offering a detached old farm house with large garden for sale.   Detached character house...  ...read more
Character Maison du...
Character Maison du Maitre for sale

Private Property Sellers Ltd are offering a character Maison du Maître in vibrant town location for sale. REDUCED...  ...read more
Chakra Yoga 6 Week...
Chakra Yoga 6 Week Series

  Chakra Yoga 6-Week Series with Dielle Ciesco We’ll spend six weeks exploring the chakras, the energetic system of...  ...read more
4 bed house on a good...
4 bed house on a good size plot in Brittany for sale

Bel Air Homes are offering a 4 bedroom house on a good size plot at 56310 Bieuzy, in Brittany, for...  ...read more
For sale detached house...
For sale detached house with barn

Wright French Properties are offering a detached village house with garden and barn for sale. A great location for this Town...  ...read more


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